Valuation Advisory Services provides valuation and financial consulting to a variety of clients across many industries. We have the resources and expertise to meet your needs. Our valuations are based on solid theory, accepted methodologies, and practical insight.

Services include:

Gift and Estate TaxEstate & Gift Tax
With proper estate planning, significant wealth can be transferred in closely-held businesses or entities to the next generation.  These transfers need to be documented and properly valued to satisfy the adequate disclosure requirements and begin the clock on the statute of limitations.

Income TaxIncome Tax
Whether trying to entice a key executive in the form of equity based compensation, establishing the value as the basis for an S-Corporation conversion, or taking a charitable deduction on your income tax return, these arrangements are required to be reported at Fair Market Value.

ESOPsESOPs & ERISA Advisory Services
Valuation Advisory Services has extensive experience in the ESOP industry and clients throughout the country. Whether it is determining the feasibility of an ESOP, preliminary or initial transaction valuation and related fairness opinion, or determining the appropriate Repurchase Obligation, we will work with you every stage of the ESOP’s life cycle.

Fairness OpinionsFairness Opinions
Valuation Advisory Services leverages its valuation expertise to produce strong analysis, provide supportable opinions, and deliver independent recommendation for a variety of business deals so that the parties of the transaction are assured that the deal is “fair” to everyone.

Transition Exit PlanningM&A Valuations / Exit Planning
Helping Business Owners become “Exit Ready” is a time intensive and meticulous process that should be handled correctly with the right team of advisors working together.  Significant personal, financial, and operational goals can be realized by the proper implementation of a transition plan.

Financial ReportingFinancial Reporting
With experience in providing valuations for public and privately held companies, CFOs, controllers and other CPAs rely upon our experience to produce independent and credible valuations that withstand auditor’s scrutiny.

Buy-Sell AgreementsBuy-Sell Agreements
Whenever business partners agree to a buy-sell agreement, they should have a clear, defined process in the agreement on how the business will be valued for any future buyout. We can perform a valuation, or help review your current agreement and make suggestions to improve so you can avoid pitfalls.

LitigationLitigation Support
Litigation or valuations disputes arise for many reasons.  Whatever the reason, it is important that you have an experienced professional on your side. We can help with business or personal disputes and more.

Valuation Services for CPAsValuation/Consulting Services for CPAs
CPAs have long been regarded as the client’s most trusted advisor.  That trust will be enhanced when the CPA can bring the valuation/consulting solutions its client needs without worrying about encroaching on its traditional core services. We can help you provide valuation services to your clientele without the overhead!