Valuation/Consulting Services for CPAs

CPAs have long been regarded as the client’s most trusted advisor.  That trust will be enhanced when the CPA can bring the valuation/consulting solutions its client needs without worrying about encroaching on its traditional core services.

Maintaining a valuation practice is quite an expensive undertaking for most CPA firms. Between the start-up costs, education, and experience required, it should not be taken lightly. Also, given the competency requirements of Rule 201 of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, the liability exposure for most CPA firms just doesn’t make it a profitable venture.

Being a boutique advisory firm, Valuation Advisory Services,  can work directly with CPAs to provide valuation and consulting services such as:

  • Private Labeling Services – Valuations issued under your firm’s brand and letterhead. The CPA firm signs the report with us only signing the Valuation Analyst’s Representation. This is a Win-Win for the Client who saves time by not having to interview several different appraisers and also the CPA who has a trusted business partner to be an extension of its core service offerings.
  • SAS 73 Report Reviews – While conducting audit procedures, an auditor may find that the audit team does not possess the necessary expertise in a given area; valuation for example. Thus when utilizing a third party valuation received as part of the audit, how would an auditor get comfortable that the valuation is performed with accepted valuation and accounting principles?  This is where the professionals at Valuation Advisory Services can help.  During our years in performing valuations, we have also reviewed outside valuation reports from local to national firms across a multitude of industries. We will detail review the entire report with exhibits, have a phone call with the valuation firm to understand what assumptions were made and review valuation methodology, and then prepare a detailed memo to the audit file.   If the report needs adjusting, we will work with the valuation firm to make sure the appropriate changes are made.
  • Industry Research
  • Market Comparables – Private and Public

Please contact us if you are interested in providing any of the valuation services to your clientele with none of the overhead!!!